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RPM Tesla

Cool site with a lot of products for all Tesla models. I bought the vinyl decals for my trunk letters from them.

EvAnnex Adjusted.png


They've got some pretty unique items here. One of the more interesting items is their drop-in center console for early Model S consoles.

Unplugged Performance - 306x226 - Black

Unplugged Performace

Body kits, lowering kits, performance brakes, spoilers, install services and so much more. They offer some high quality products.


Nikola Pro

This is the company I used for my chrome delete kit. Easy to install and work with. Great kits, great prices.

Logo Bundle_Car Brands-54 - Tesla - Red


A link to Tesla if you'd like to buy a car or solar products. Save a few bucks and help us both out.

EVSkins - 306x226 - Black Canvas.png


Very cool site run by a good friend. He offers a variety of colors and styles of vinyl skins for Tesla wall chargers. I've got his Gears of War one on my charger.

Abstract Ocean.png

Abstract Ocean

Very cool company with a lot of Tesla products for all models. I bought my cell phone mount here and really like it.

TSportline - 306x226.png


Body kits and all kinds of Tesla products. Seriously considered a few of their body kits.

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